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What it means to be backed by blip

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Competitively priced, easy to understand policies which protect you, your business, and your pocket

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Join a trusted community with a common goal to grow your business and provide real value

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blip return to members a share of the profit. Put simply blip calculates the total amount of premium paid by policyholders, takes away underwriting, claims costs, and expenses, and then shares the resulting profit with current policy holders.

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How blip Works

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We look to provide the best insurance solutions

Learn how it works to gain more benefits

Public Liability (PL) Cover icon
Public Liability (PL) Cover

Covers your business if someone claims you caused injury or damage and includes any costs you may incur.

Employer's Liability (EL) Cover icon
Employer's Liability (EL) Cover

Protects you if an employee makes a claim against you for a work-related injury or illness. If you have employees, this cover is a legal requirement.

Personal Accident Support (PA) icon
Personal Accident Support (PA)

Protect your business If you or a member of your team suffers an accident or injury 24/7. Benefits are paid to the company and include a weekly sum for Total Temporary Disability.

Business Equipment & Tools icon
Business Equipment & Tools

Protects against damage or theft whether at your premise, your customers premises or if you work remotely.

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Why choose us

Learn how we work to gain more benefits

  • Buying insurance collectively means more competitive rates are available
  • The bigger the community, the bigger the buying power, the lower the premiums
  • Receive rewards for introducing new members to blip

  • Join a network of people that provide a service, build, make, and sell real things
  • Use blip tool kits to help you grow - Business Plans, Health & Safety, HR and Legal
  • Access and share business information, tips, ideas, and useful blogs

  • The profit share will be calculated every 12 months based on the total premium paid, and after deductions for the costs of underwriting and running blip.
  • What happens if there is a loss rather than a profit? o You only share in the upside not the downside o The underwriters carry the risk
  • Your share in the profit will not be affected if you have made a claim
  • Profits will be declared approximately 4-6 months after the financial year ends
  • Profits are allocated on a pro rata basis linked to the number of days a policy has been in place during the relevant financial year
  • That policy or a renewal of it must be still current
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